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29.01.2020: Press Release – Italian Business Integrity Day (IBID)

For the first time – few weeks after the VIII Conference of States Parties of the UN Convention against Corruption – the Embassy of Italy in Berlin will host the Italian Business Integrity Day (IBID) on 29 January 2020.

IBID is a project launched by the Italian Foreign Ministry, in cooperation with Transparency International-Italian chapter and some of the major Italian companies operating also abroad. It aims at presenting best Italian practices of preventing corruption in business activities and corporate governance. The format of IBID implements the multi-stakeholder approach, by which companies and civil society come to the fore in combating corruption. Through IBID events, the Italian Foreign Ministry supports the external projection of the private sector, also in terms of adherence to the highest standards of ethics and the rule of law.

The Italian system of countering corruption has successfully withstood scrutiny by the UNCAC peer review. The assessment included the prevention of corruption in the private sector (art. 12 UNCAC).

The IBID workshop, in the form of a panel discussion, will feature four companies: Acciai Speciali Terni, Avio, ENEL and Generali, who will introduce their experiences of organizational models and compliance programs to prevent corruption, fraud and any form of illegal behavior. These companies contribute, through a culture of legality and sustainable corporate models, to effectively describe the legal system and the business environment in Italy, beyond perceptions or stereotypes, while stressing the need of a global regulatory framework which guarantee a level playing field among businesses also with regard to anticorruption standards.

The panel will be moderated by Francesca Sforza, special envoy of the daily La Stampa. Conclusions will be drawn by Giampiero Massolo, Chairman of Fincantieri, President of ISPI and Executive Board Member of the International Chamber of Commerce.

The third edition of IBID include two other seminars, which were held in London and in Abu Dhabi, the latter in the margins of the abovementioned UNCAC Conference, respectively on 9 and 16 December 2019.