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A facet of Europe: Italian scientists leading research infrastructures in Germany

Research infrastructures require transnational efforts, for their funding and -not less crucially- for their effective scientific management. Researchers are used to cooperate across borders. Indeed joint work in science and technology in Europe is a parade example of the added value coming from the continental union.
In this Italian-German Science Evening we will honor two eminent Italian scientists, Massimo Altarelli and Paolo Giubellino. Altarelli successfully lead the European X-ray Free-Electron Laser Facility in Hamburg until the end of 2016, just short of its inauguration. Giubellino, on the other hand, has just begun his term as Scientific Managing Director of the GSI Helmholtz Center and of the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Darmstadt. Both research facilities are based on highly international efforts with a clear German core, represented by the Helmholtz Association.
In the panel discussion we will have the possibility to learn from leaders of the Helmholtz Association, the Italian National Research Council and the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics how their research organizations, and Italy and Germany more in general, can continue to shape the European Research Area, and how to strengthen alliances and cooperation.