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29.05.2019, 6 pm: Conference & Exhibition “Design for Sustainability. Bridging Italian and German Creativity for Sustainable Development”

On the opening day of the European Sustainability Week (29th May – 6th June 2019), the Italian Embassy in Berlin will host a German/Italian Conference on design and sustainability, coupled with an exhibition of Italian sustainable design objects (furniture, furnishing accessories, lighting). The exhibition will be curated by Luisa Bocchietto, President of the World Design Organization, a professional community of over 140 member Organizations from 40 nations and strong campaigner in spearheading the Sustainable Development Goals across the design community.

Up to 70% of the costs and 80% of the environmental and social impact of a product over its life cycle are determined during its design phase. This entails a profound influence by the design community over institutions and individuals, by directing them towards new behaviors related to using objects and tools, saving resources and repairing damaged ecosystems. Design has always been a connector between society and technology, both of which are evolving today at an unprecedented pace. What is the role of the design communities in Italy and Germany – accounting for over a third of European Designers – in promoting sustainable design? How can innovative design promote a sustainable use of resources, responsible consumption and inclusive growth? Can exploring new materials in product design contribute to spearheading circular economy into high-value manufacturing?

Join us in the debate !

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